If you have an initial stitching concept, ideas, sketches, or prototypes for upholstery, seat covers, etc., you will need to invest in a sewing company that can create products exactly as you’ve envisioned. These professionals need to have great attention to detail, offer high-quality materials or products and deliver the best possible results.

However, with so many sewing professionals out there, choosing the right one that meets your sewing needs can be challenging. To help you pick the right expert, here’s a list of the top five things to look for.

1. Meet with them
Once you have a reputable sewing professional in mind, reach out to them. This is a great way to learn about the company and the services they provide, especially if it’s the first time hiring them.

At The Sewing Company, get to know us through our website! View some examples of work in our gallery, definitions of the services we provide, who we are, and the experience we bring to the job are highlighted in the ‘About’ section.

2. Communication
Never neglect the importance of effective communication, as it will help you convey your requests or questions you may have. Make sure to select a sewing company or professional who is available and willing to help you throughout the project.

We offer many ways to get the conversation going through our website, phone, email, Facebook, and Instagram. Communication is the key to success. The more information we receive about your job and your expectations, the more successful the finished product will be. We ask lots of questions and hope to get as much input from our customers as possible.

3. Product knowledge and quality materials
Be upfront with the company about your sewing needs. It is essential to know if the sewing professional is aware of what you want and has the right product and material for your project.

Our company spends lots of time researching products available. We want to be able to explain what we are using and why. What value does it add to the job? We educate our customers on what products and materials are part of their job, budget is always a factor, and with extensive product knowledge, we find we are better able to keep the job affordable and simple.

4. Equipment
The execution of the project is just as important as carefully selected materials! Ensure the sewing professional you hire has the right equipment. Sewing machines are a large part of the business but are not created equal. An insufficient machine will affect the outcome of the job, as will improper thread, and the wrong needle size.

At The Sewing Company, our workroom has a selection of sewing machines for different purposes, specially designed work tables, presses, measuring tools, etc. We have the right equipment for many jobs.

5. Attention to detail
A quality job is in the details. You would want to work with a sewing professional that can deliver precisely what you’re looking for.

At The Sewing Company, we never like to rush a job and sacrifice details. From the beginning of a job to its completion, we take our time to ensure the best possible finished product.

If you’re looking for a sewing professional in Dashwood, ON, reach out to The Sewing Company. We make simple and affordable sewn fabric products while not substituting high quality and longevity. Our services include custom cushioning, seat repair, and home decor sewing. We offer our service to customers across Grand Bend, Dashwood, Bayfield, Goderich, Port Franks, Forest, Parkhill, Mitchell, St. Marys, and the surrounding areas.

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